Thursday Things

As much as I love going on little mini trips and taking time outside of the city on the weekends, I find it completely throws off the rest of my week. Starting the week without having dropped off my dry cleaning, done laundry or prepared meals means that each day feels a little more frazzled than the next. I’m also starting to run low on sweaters so it is a good thing that the weather has been so mild here in DC!

That being said, I seem to still find time for distractions to help me kill the free time I don’t have. How convenient. Here are a few of the things that have been on my mind/distracting me this week:

  • As a lover of just about all things that come in my mailbox, I’m guilty of signing up for so many monthly subscription services. I did Birchbox for about a year until I literally could not find space for all of my sample-sized makeup products. Then, I picked up Happy Mail from a beautiful mess. The monthly packages of stationary and cards gave me an excuse to share my love of mail with everyone who would give me their address. Since I love mail so much I assumed years ago that everyone else does as well so I started gifting things like Sock 101 to people. Much like it sounds, it is a fun pair of socks per month. Most recently, I gave C a month of Carnivore Club. We are finishing up the last of the artisanal meats he got last month and I’m already craving more. Thank goodness Christmas is just around the corner.
  • Food52 put out their gift guide last week and I want everything on it. No really, can I have it all?
  • Katie released the newest installment of her Touch of Teal gift guide and she included the Nikon D3300 on the list. I invested in a grown up camera over the summer and after much internal debate (and google searches), I settled on the Nikon D3300. And boy am I glad I did! Even though it’s only been a few months I can’t imagine going back to my point and shoot. That being said, I wouldn’t mind finding a new macro lens…
  • Following a recommendation from my college roommate (my source for all things books, fashion and medical) I just finished reading Delicious!. I try to alternate heavy books about war and injustice with lighter novels to balance out my reading list and Delicious! was perfect. While predictable, the descriptions of the test kitchen and the main character’s enviable taste buds made it worth reading.
  • With Thanksgiving only a week away, my mind is working overdrive with planning what I can contribute. In my family, we used to make duck confit for thanksgiving rather than Turkey. This isn’t a canadian thing, just a Lamontagne thing. This year, I’ll be balancing both traditions, enjoy turkey on Thursday and duck on Friday. Why haven’t I been doing this all along?
I made brownies for book club from last week's brownie mix... just to make sure they were tasty. 

I made brownies for book club from last week's brownie mix... just to make sure they were tasty.