That Time I Went Nuts for Maple Syrup: The Tale of Maple Candied Almonds

My week of all things maple continued with the perfect snack to take me through the weekend: maple candied almonds!

I always have some kind of nuts on hand but to be honest, I bake with them more than eat them. I’m not the best at healthy snacking so I’m trying to change that. I figure that almonds and pecans are probably better for me than my usual go-to of fruit roll ups and  skittles. Did I mention that my company keeps our kitchen stocked with all of my favorite foods from middle school?

These candied almonds are just sweet enough to help me transition to healthier snacks. They’re also super crunchy and mildly addictive. Consider this your fair warning.

Colin and I are getting a new foster kitten this weekend and I am so excited. Seriously. So excited. I don’t know why he agreed to this again since we didn’t sleep much the first few days we had the last one but I’m not going to question it. Our last foster was three pounds lighter than we expected so we called her ‘Tiny Cat’. This next one is a tuxedo cat so we’re going to call her ‘Fancy Cat’. I’ll work on being more creative with names if we ever make it to three fosters.

These almonds will be great to have on hand while we help Fancy get acclimated to her new temporary home. I can grab a handful and munch while playing with her. I guess I could do that with regular almonds but these are so much yummier I’ll have a hard time ever going back to regular almonds.

Tip: Watch the cook time carefully. Take it from me: 15 minutes isn’t quite long enough, 20 minutes is too long and 17 minutes is just right.

Maple Candied Almonds

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