Summer Picnic Picks: Desserts

Being outdoors is awesome. I like drinking outdoors, watching movies outdoors, being athletic outdoors but most of all, I like eating outdoors. This is quite fitting because July is National Picnic Month! 

The problem with eating outdoors during the summer, especially if you live in the mid-Atlantic region like I do, is that nothing stays cool for long. Because I am quick to volunteer to provide dessert when my friends and I do any sort of outdoor eating, I’ve learned to adapt to the weather and find weather-proof picnic foods.

Some criteria to keep in mind when deciding what to make for your next picnic:

  • Avoid anything that might melt or lose its shape when exposed to the elements (so no frozen treats).
  • Stay seasonal. There are so many yummy things in season during the summer, try to incorporate those flavors into your desserts.
  • Remember that you have to get this dessert to the picnic so don't choose something difficult to transport!
  • Along the same lines, you are outdoors so handheld desserts are a must.

With a little help from the blogosphere, I’ve pulled together what I believe to be some fantastic options for any summer picnic.

What is your go-to dessert for summer picnics?

Photos clockwise from top left hand corner: