Showing School Spirit in Time for Graduation

I’m travelling to Canada in a few weeks to celebrate my brother graduating from university so finding the perfect graduation present has been on my mind. While I’m not sure needlepoint is what my 22 year old brother really wants, I thought I’d poke around and see what kind of selection exists on the graduation theme. Besides a few cap and gown themed canvases (a few of which are below), there was not a whole lot out there. 

one | two | three | four  

As I reminisced about my own graduation for inspiration, I realized that it was about so much more than walking across a stage to pick up a piece of paper. It was an opportunity to celebrate my successes and memories after a phenomenal four years. Do I sound a little nostalgic? A friend recently pointed out that we’ve officially been out of school for more time than we were students in Charlottesville so I’m feeling especially old today.

In my opinion, the best needlepoint graduation present would be one that encompasses the whole college experience, one that the graduate can take with them into their professional life to remember their alma mater.

One of my favorite ways to show school spirit through needlepoint is with belts. If you are feeling crafty you can design your own (more on this in a later post) or buy one of the many pre-painted canvases available. Even for a school with a questionable school color like the University of Virginia (no one looks good in that much bright orange), there are adorable belts like the one below by Needlepaint.

While I still haven’t decided what to get Patrick for graduation and time is running out for me to actually stitch something, I’ll definitely be adding ‘stitching something UVA-related for myself’ to my to-do list!

Do you have school-spirited needlepoint? I’d love to hear about it!