Needlepoint Wishlist: Boating Edition

This time last week, I was driving to the Virginia coast to spend some time at the beach. One week later, my mini-vacation feels miles away. Not that I don’t love sitting inside waiting for new furniture to be delivered, but I’m seriously missing the ocean.

Since I can’t be in, on or around the ocean all day every day, I thought I would torture myself with a look at a few of my favorite boating-themed needlepoint finds.

  1. Smathers and Branson Sailboat iPhone Case
  2. Jonathan Adler Anchor Sunglass Case
  3. Tucker Blair Hinkely Wallet
  4. Harding Lane Lighthouse Hat
  5. Harding Lane Sloop Hat
  6. Smathers and Branson Rainbow Fleet Needlepoint Coasters
  7. Asher Riley Sailboat Flask
  8. Tucker Blair Anchor Needlepoint Sunglass Strap

When I started this blog a few months ago, I wasn’t sure what I wanted the needlepoint aspect of it to look like. As with most things, I dove right in and thought I’d figure it out along the way. Since then, I’ve loved having a space to share my attempts at designing my own projects, progress on projects that overwhelmed me (I’m looking at you No Name Chicken) and of course, my various needlepoint wishlists.

The more I test my own needlepoint skills, the more appreciation I have for what others have been able to do with needlepoint. Maybe that is why these needlepoint wishlists have grown on me over the past few months - They’ve inspired me to push myself to new limits.