Why You Should Consider a Needlepoint Kit for Your Next Project {Elizabeth Bradley Giveaway}

Have you ever stitched a needlepoint kit? I have done a couple ranging from practical to pretty and everything in between and while I won’t advocate for you to stitch only kits, I think they definitely have their merits. If you haven’t tried one yet, here are some of my thoughts on why you should consider one.

Needlepoint can be an expensive hobby. I won’t argue that it isn’t. That’s why I’m always finding ways to make it more approachable and affordable by discussing how I go about designing my canvases, stitching on the go and working without a pre-painted canvas. There is something to be said however for finding a beautifully painted canvas and the perfect thread to go with it and letting someone else do the heavy lifting on design.

There are different types of needlepoint kits and each serves its own unique purpose. One of my first needlepoint projects was a eye glass case with yellow flowers on it. I don’t wear reading glasses so it didn’t get much use once it was done but it was a great learning tool to practice my first few stitches and get the hang of following a pattern. When anyone tells me they are thinking of trying out needlepoint, I always suggest they give kits like that a try because they are relatively small as far as projects go and usually under $20 or $30.

Needlepoint kits aren’t only for beginners though. Many companies are making really beautiful and intricate kits in a variety of styles and designs. When Elizabeth Bradley reached out about having me try one of their mini kits, I got so excited. They’re known for their florals but when I saw their regatta mini kit I knew it would fit so perfectly in my parents’ house I had to go with that one.

I had so many projects on my plate when I started the regatta kit but it was different from all my other projects so I quickly found myself favoring it during my stitch sessions. My poor brother has been waiting since July for his birthday gift, a belt with sharks and fish on it, but once I started this sailboat kit, I couldn’t stop.


This mini kit was 10 point canvas as opposed to 18 which I normally work with so I had to switch up the type of stitch I was using to make up for that and fill the whole canvas. Not to worry though bc the kit came with all the instructions I needed to successfully master it from a color coding system to stitch instructions.

Are you ready to start on an Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kit? I have an extra one to share with a fellow stitcher! Giveaway details are at the top of this post.

All the needlepoint materials in this post were provided at no cost to me by Elizabeth Bradley. All opinions are my own.