National Honey Month

On any given day, there is at least one food holiday being ‘celebrated’ by the internet. While National Donut Day and National Hot Dog Day are much bigger affairs than National Apple Dumpling Day or National Gazpacho Day, each of these days has its own niche following.

September is National Honey Month, a time to celebrate the sweet natural wonder that is honey. As a lover of all things sweet, I’ve come to appreciate the sweet nectar from my honey bear as a great sweetener in recipes ranging from smoothies to dinner to baked goods.

Trying to squeeze out the last bits of honey from your honey bear? The Kitchen has you covered with their honey bear lemonade.

Honey Bear Lemonade

Honey Bear Lemonade

If you’ve got a little more honey to work with, check out some of the delectable honey-based treats. Perfect for National Honey Month, and every other month that follows.

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