Monday Musings, Part IV

Some weekends are super social. I go to brunch, drinks with friends, maybe a round of golf. Other weekends, I lay low. Very low. I’ll let you guess which one this weekend was.

If you guessed that I stayed home for two days and did lots baking and crafting, you are correct. I probably could have made that a little harder to guess. I’ll work on that for next time.

Many of the recipes I make at home end up on the blog, but many more of them don’t get past my kitchen. Recipe development isn’t always as easy as I (and I can only assume others) want it to be so the first couple iterations of something aren’t necessarily ready to share.

Some of these early iterations are horrendous while other are good, maybe even great, but I feel like I can make them better. This weekend’s peanut butter chocolate frozen pie was the latter.

Since I don’t have a recipe to share with you today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of my favorite links from around the web and give you a sneak peak at a few things hitting the blog this fall/winter!

Coming soon to Sweet Sundays

  • As much as I love sharing my favorite recipes on the blog, I’ve discovered that over the past year it’s been my needlepoint content that gets the most views and shares. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into a couple projects that have been lying dormant so stay tuned for some more tutorials, stitch thought pieces and best of all, a giveaway!
  • Wedding planning has taken over my life (or at least every other thought) so you’ll probably hear me talk about that a little more over the coming months. No, don’t worry, I won’t be using this as a platform to talk about how awesome I am at all things wedding and Pinterest (because I’m most definitely not) but I look forward to finding ways to fit my love of baking and crafting into wedding planning. I figure I’ve got months before I have to start thinking of fitting into the dress I bought last month so until then, bring on the chocolate.
  • My blog is just over a year and a half so I’ve started revisiting old recipes to upgrade the photos and adapt them to include new learnings I’ve made along the way.

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