Monday Musings, Part III

I love my alma matter, a lot, but I’ve never been one to deck myself in UVA gear or follow college sports. As far as alumni fans go I’m pretty much the worst. This weekend however, I attended the wedding of some friends who LOVE Virginia Tech so much that their three-tiered rehearsal dinner cake was Virginia Tech football themed.  

Luckily for me this made designing their wedding door hanger one of the easiest decisions I’ve made all year. Well, last year, when I actually started stitching this.

I’ve realized people who love Virginia as much as I do really enjoy receiving Etsy-inspired ornaments with their favorite state on it so I’ll be designing more of these as more UVA and Tech weddings happen over the next few years!

As I'm writing this on Sunday evening, I'm realizing that I'm still very much in a food coma from all of the delicious food I ate this weekend. Between wedding activities, I was able to sneak away and enjoy some of Virginia Beach's food scene. The highlight? Bay Local, a hopping brunch spot that was catering to families with small children in adorable matching outfits as much as it was to the rowdy millennial brunch crowd drinking out of of giant goblets with neon straws. The wait can get long but it was absolutely worth it! Favorite menu picks: sorbet mimosas and the loaded tater tot nachos (both of which I'm already planning on how to recreate at home)!

The perfect post-wedding breakfast - Maple glazed donut topped with bacon AND sprinkles from Duck Donuts

The perfect post-wedding breakfast - Maple glazed donut topped with bacon AND sprinkles from Duck Donuts

The upside of heading south for the weekend is that I get lots of time on Northeast Regional trains to catch up on work, podcasts and stitching. On this most recent trip, I stumbled upon and got sucked into recipe discovery for an embarassing amount of time. If you’re also into sorting your recipes in a visual space, check it out!

Speaking of recipes, here are some food links I’ve been reading this week:

  • I bought cake pans a few weeks ago with the intention of getting mastering birthday cakes so I’m loving these cake baking tips
  • This article examines how social-media photos can be a rich source of information about the diets of people who don’t have access to grocery stores
  • Easy desserts should be a staple in everyone’s repertoire so I’m loving these 4 ingredient desserts - those quick and easy carmelitas look AMAZING
  • No bake avalanche cookies? yes please.
  • Putting potato chips to good use
  • Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cocktail
  • Is it time for Easter baking yet? I say yes.