Monday Musings, part II

After a week with my family I seemed to have eaten more than I’ve actually baked. No real surprise there.

I’ll call the last few days ‘research’ and apply some of my learnings to future baked goods. See how I made my eat-cation sound productive?


Despite the sun surprising me and spending far more time outside than I had initially thought, there was one thing I made sure we baked: zucchini bread! If I could eat my mom’s zucchini bread (from her cookbook) all day every day, I definitely would.

I’m flying back to reality today so rather than a recipe for today’s post, here are a few of the things on my mind:

  • Mondays are glorious again because The Bachelor is back! If you missed last week’s premiere, check out my friend Justin’s recap post and prepare yourself for tonight. If Chris Harrison is to be believed, this season is going to be the most dramatic season yet.
  • Have you seen the new Star Wars movie? I loved it, but I also loved this
  • I got a popcorn machine for Christmas so I was super excited to see my friend Katie’s post last week about different ways to jazz up popcorn. It’s making me think I need to get more creative with my own popcorn toppings!
  • Did you see the Tatum's challenge each other on Lip Sync Battle? Go watch it now, I'll wait. 
  • Icing isn’t my strong suit but with Valentine’s Day a month away, I’m considering giving some of these icing designs on cookies a try. Chances are that mine won’t look at all like this one but a girl can dream.
  • Spending so much time with my younger brothers this week, I’ve learned some new words. A few I had to Urban Dictionary because I couldn’t believe they were real. Have you heard of growing a ‘neard’ and having a ‘finsta’?
  • I’m not big on cake but if someone wants to make this for me for my next birthday I would be very happy.