Monday Musings

Sundays are usually my favorite day of the week. Nothing to do except bake, stitch and prep for the week. Sometimes however, I’m spoiled with a three day weekend.

In addition to being Columbus Day in the US, today is Canadian thanksgiving. While I don’t celebrate it with turkey and mashed potatoes, it’s a nice reminder to make time for friends and give thanks for the life I’ve built for myself in Virginia.

An extra day off is a great opportunity to take stock of my current needlepoint projects. Colin’s pineapple belt was finally finished and came back from the finisher in TWO WEEKS. I’ve never had something turn around so quickly. Needlepoint is a time consuming hobby and there aren’t usually any immediate rewards so getting the call that it was ready so quickly was such a pleasant surprise.

This week was also a turning point for No Name Chicken. I carved out big chunks of after-work time to make noticeable progress and it’s only made me want to keep going. Now if only I could pick my next stitch for the sideways feathers...

On my mind this week:

Do you follow The Kitchn? Their 20-day baking school is so inspiring. Every day they send out a new assignment and pastry to practice. If you’ve ever wanted a refresher on some pastry basics, or an excuse to whip out a batch of pate a choux, sign up to get the daily emails!

Macarons are known to be a challenging treat to make. I knew that and yet I was still disappointed when my first batch flopped. It didn’t even kind of flop, it was a full batch of cracked shells without feet. Not ideal. I’m not one who enjoys failing so I grabbed a copy of Les Petits Macarons: Colorful French Confections to Make at Home, by Kathryn Gordon and Anne McBride, and got to reading. And practicing. True story I did a little victory dance when I mastered a batch of macarons last week.

Last year, I took a leap and invited myself to a friend of a friend’s book club. We met at a holiday party and somehow it came up that I was reading the same book that his book club was currently reading (Amy Poehler’s Yes Please). I don’t usually like going to new places by myself so showing up to that first book club was terrifying. But I did it, and I’m forever grateful that I did because it brought so many wonderful new people into my life. This month, we are going old school with some Agatha Christie. What books are you reading this month?

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