Maple Coffee Cake Donuts

Maple donuts from a Canadian? Groundbreaking.

I say this all the time but there’s something about baked donuts that make me feel so healthy. Or maybe I should say ‘healthier’ than if I had made fried donuts. Everything is relative after all.

My cold followed me into the weekend so I spent a lot of time indoors over the past two days. The upside of my self-imposed quarantine is that I picked up an old needlepoint project I hadn’t touched in nearly a year. That’s not a typo, I hadn’t touched this project in 14 months. My new goal is to finish the Mrs. Claus canvas by September so I can have it finished in time for the holidays. This feels like a lofty goal but since I’m out of thread for all my other projects, it just might happen.

I’m on a maple kick this week so I apologize in advance for baking on trend over the next few days. There’s something about the hockey playoffs that make me return to my Canadian roots and crave maple EVERYTHING.

Coffee cake is hard not to love but add in maple and it’s unbeatable. These donuts have a crunchy toppings, a moist middle and a super sweet glaze that will have you licking the plate. I’m not saying I did that but I’m also not ready to say I didn’t. The cinnamon flavors that coffee cake is known for help balance the sweet maple and the textural variance between the top and bottom of the donut make eating it an experience from start to finish. Can you tell I also watched a lot of Iron Chef re-runs this weekend? The judges inspired me to be extra descriptive.

Maple Coffee Cake Donuts