Make it Mosaic

Every December since graduating from college, my friend Ryana has hosted an ornament decorating party. While I haven’t been able to attend the past few years, her annual celebration inspired my gift for her upcoming wedding!

Christmas seems so far away but in the needlepoint world things need to be finished months in advance to allow time for finishing. That means this needlepoint ornament was in fact finished three months ago for a wedding this week only to get used in four months when the tree gets put up. Got all that? Phiew.

In designing the ornament, I wanted to keep it fairly simple while still being festive so I opted for a beige-gold pearl cotton. The thread’s smooth texture adds a slight sheen to the design, perfect for a holiday ornament. As for the stitch, I went with a diagonal mosaic stitch. A very basic stitch, diagonal mosaic produces a box pattern without being distracting - perfect for the background of this project. Scratch that, perfect for any project.

I won’t spend too long going over this and boring all of you with the technical bits, but I’m including a diagram from DMC Creative World below for those who want a diagonal mosaic refresher.

diagonal mosaic

Ryana’s wedding this weekend marks the end of wedding season 2015 for me but with six thus far in 2016, I’m getting a head start on my stitching. If you need me I’ll be breaking in my brand new couch, needlepoint in hand.