Lobster Bridesmaid Boxes

I consider myself to be relatively crafty compared to most, but even I have been overwhelmed by the amount of DIY and wedding-related crafts on Pinterest.

As far as wedding planning goes, I’ve had a pretty efficient week. I bought a dress, set up a few registries and had a series of super productive calls with our caterer and decorators. Despite all of that, my favorite part of the week was sharing my bridesmaid boxes with besties.

I stumbled upon this blog post by Jillian of Rhyme & Reason about how she asked her bridesmaids and absolutely loved how personal she made her boxes. Her wedding is in Charleston so she incorporated all sorts of local elements. Since my wedding will be in Portland, I knew I wanted to follow her lead with Maine elements but I also knew I wasn’t ready to splurge on any of the items in the box, least of all on the box itself. So how does one build an adorable box full of fun girly surprises, that screams ‘Maine’ but also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Read on to learn about my lobster bridesmaid boxes. 

The wedding is taking place on the coast of Maine and what is more Maine than lobster? Since I’m known for my desserts and baked goods, I thought cookie cutters were a nice touch. I’m also hoping they take the hint and start baking me lobster-shaped cookies between now and my wedding! Actually, maybe hold off until after the wedding. That would be a nice post-wedding treat to snack on while procrastinating writing my thank you notes.

Speaking of baking, I knew it just wouldn’t be fair to put together boxes without including some homemade sweets so I made sure to fill little boxes with a variation on this Hazelnut Chocolate Toffee. As much as I love nuts on my toffee, I adapted this recipe into a sea salt toffee to accommodate some allergies in the group and boy was I glad I did. The bonus? This recipe made so much toffee we got to bring all the leftovers dress shopping with us this weekend. Talk about the perfect shopping snack!

Onyx loved helping me build my bridesmaid boxes

Onyx loved helping me build my bridesmaid boxes

Gummy candies are a secret vice of mine and since I grew up saving up my pennies to buy gummy fish when I was a kid spending my summers in Maine, I knew I had to find some way to fit that into the box. The lobster gummies I used are a little bigger than the candies I used to eat as a kid but in this case, I’m choosing to believe that bigger is better when it comes to gummy candies.

Sparkling wine felt like a must, partly because it’s a festive and celebratory drink but also because it’s a personal favorite of mine. Did I want to give all my bridesmaids tiny bottles of Veuve? Of course. To keep to my savvy spending plan, I opted for something considerably cheaper and got some adorable and on-theme labels made on Etsy! If you haven’t already figured this out, here’s a friendly warning: Etsy is a black hole. Any attempts to casually browse the site will result in hours of time lost and a full cart of things you probably didn’t know you needed. I speak from experience on this one.

I love puns like I love ice cream for breakfast (a lot) so when I stumbled upon some punny hair ties during an extended session on Etsy I knew I had to share them. Who can say no to puns right?

Perhaps my favorite part of these boxes was the boxes themselves. There are a lot of box options out there, something I discovered when an inordinate amount of time during a train ride to New York Googling “white boxes”. I finally found boxes that were simple enough to personalize while still being sturdy enough to support all of the fun elements of the box from Paper Source. To personalize them, I grabbed a couple different wrapping paper options from Rifle Paper Co and wrapped each the lids to add a pop of floral color!

So there you have it, an examination of the thought process that went into how I asked my bridesmaids to stand by my side. Have you made bridesmaid boxes? How did you make them special?