Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

I finally did it. I gave in to the Instagram trend and looked back on 2015 with my own #2015bestnine. I’m not sure what the roundup says about me other than I probably make too many sweets but it’s apparent that people on Instagram liked basil in 2015. Perhaps I should make a few more basil baked goods? I’ll circle back to that.

Top row:

Middle row:

Bottom row:

I’m not one for making resolutions, but I do love setting goals for myself.

Goal 1: Expand kitchen skills.

As I continue to spend more time in the kitchen, I’m looking forward to pushing my limits in 2016, starting with icing! My black and white cookies from last month are evidence of how truly quite terrible I am so I’m excited to take a cake icing class to kick start the year in a few weeks.

I also have plans to test out the kitchen-related gifts I got for Christmas during the next few months! Apparently all of my family and friends noticed I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen and gifted accordingly. Stay tuned for some of the more mainstream gifts (stand mixer) as well as quirky gifts (edible markers) as they make appearances on the blog this year.

Goal 2: Gain a better understanding of baking processes.

I love understanding why things happen the way they do, so I’ll make an effort to better investigate baking processes while recipe testing this year. I’d also be down to take a few more classes on the subject - any recommendations for me?

Goal 3: One newsletter per month.

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation but anyone who’s signed up for emails from Sweet Sundays knows how terrible I am at sending them out on any sort of regular basis.

If I stick to only one of these goals I hope it’s the first one. I’m going into my icing class with pretty low expectations but if I leave an icing expert, expect to see loads more iced goods.

Happy New Year!