Fourth of July Needlepoint Wishlist

Fourth of July is just around the corner so I figured this was as good a time as any to do another ‘Needlepoint Wishlist’. As anyone who has ever shopped for needlepoint products can attest to, there is an abundance of patriotic gear in the marketplace. I’m not sure whether it’s the flag’s perfect geometric shape or a general patriotic zeal among purchasers that makes it so appealing to design but companies put american flags on just about anything that can be needlepointed.

If, like me, you enjoy being as prepared as possible for holidays, this is great because it is so easy to fit flag-covered needlepoint items into your celebration!

Hosting people at home? Impress your guests (and protect your table) with some American flag coasters. Rocking all whites on the tennis court? Jazz up your athletic gear with a white american flag hat. Checking out some evening fireworks at the beach? Pack your American flag flask to stay hydrated during the show.

What kind of patriotic gear will you be wearing come next Saturday?