Fall Flavor Showdown: Donut Holes

Have you ever found a sweater that fit you so well you ended up buying it in 4 more colors? True story, my wardrobe is color multiples of the same couple pairs of pants, sweaters and blouses. If I loved in black I’m bound to love it in navy right?

This week, I decided to apply that same logic to a sweet treats, starting with a personal favorite of mine - baked donut holes.

Since October is just a few days away and the first official day of fall is behind us, I put spiced pumpkin and spiced apple cider flavors up against each other in what I’m calling a ‘fall flavor showdown’. I’ve been watching a fair amount of Beat Bobby Flay of late so in my mind, this was going to just as epic a competition. Sadly, as a more logical person might have predicted, this was not the case.

When it came time to taste test them, I realized that picking such a yummy base food may have complicated my life. None of my designated testers could pick which one they preferred.

Needless to say I walked away from this project less sure than ever as to whether spiced apple cider or spiced pumpkin was the better fall flavor. Thankfully there are a few more months of fall left for me to test these two flavors!

I used a spiced apple cider donut hole recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and a baked pumpkin spice donut hole recipe from Craving Chronicles. Try them both out and let me know what your favorite fall flavor is!