Earl Grey Lavender Cookie Bars

Do you ever have those weeks that just move slowly? Like, really really slowly? Yeah, I’m having one of those. It’s making me wish I hadn’t crushed these earl grey lavender cookie bars this weekend so I could bring them into work and enjoy them with my afternoon tea.

My whole family will be in town this weekend and I am so excited. It’s not often my parents, both my brothers and I are in the same place at the same time. When it happens, I have to enjoy every minute of it. As a bonus, my youngest brother has promised that he is bringing cookie dough from the trendy Cookie DŌ NYC in the West Village! The weekend promises to be full of eating, drinking and the occasional SoulCycle class. Basically my perfect weekend.

A few months back I discovered an earl grey lavender tea. Apparently I’m not the only one who loves the combination of those two flavors! Since then I’ve been spoiling myself with an assortment of treats that involve those two flavors but none have delighted me quite as much as these bars did.

The brown sugar keeps them super moist and the chocolate topping adds a sweet balance to the flavors of bergamot in the tea. The addition of lavender in the tea adds a floral dimension that makes these a huge hit with just about everyone. I can’t speak for anyone who’s eating healthy and getting beach bod-ready, I just don’t understand that kind of commitment.