DIY Needlepoint Belt Part Two: Random Design

High off of the praise I received for my first needlepoint belt design over the December holidays, I started the new year off with a new belt project. Six months later, I was finally able to give my father the finished product! I’m calling it an early birthday present (who doesn’t love getting birthday presents two months before the actual day?) and pointing to the belt’s theme, summer, as to why it had to be gifted this past weekend.

Since I decided to branch out from the recurring designs and into something a little more random, I knew that having a theme would be supremely helpful in guiding my stitching. In this case, I went with summer because it was so easy for me to pull together a list of my father’s favorite parts of summer. Not surprisingly, his favorite parts of summer - boating, golfing, Prouts Neck, wine - were some of my favorite parts of summer so this project was really fun to do.

When picking designs, I once again ignored my better judgement and decided not to plan out the entire belt before starting to stitch. This might be easier to do with a belt like this, since it has random designs on it. As I got to the end, I had a few options of what to stitch depending on how much space I had left. Since I had more space than I initially thought I would, I went with wide initials rather than a tall and skinny lighthouse. The takeaway from this would be that if you are improvising as you go along like I did, make sure to have at least a few options in mind and be ready to be flexible based on your space allotment.

For detailed instructions on designing your own needlepoint belt, check out the instructions in Part One. The only difference with this type of project would be that instead of two designs that alternate for the length of the belt, you can be more creative and add tons of different designs. Can’t decide what you want yours to look like or what to put on the belt? Google it. Seriously. The world is full of needlepointers posting their designs on the internet so check out what they are doing and get inspired!