DIY Christmas Gifts: Jar Mixes and Sauces

When did November happen? The countdown clock to Black Friday is ticking away and that means Christmas and New Year's aren’t far behind.

We launched our holiday gift guide at work a few weeks ago so it seemed only fitting that I would start thinking about my own holiday shopping list.

There are some people on my list that are always super easy to shop for. My mother and I have the same taste in virtually everything so shopping for her is essentially shopping for myself. She's usually the first to be checked off the list. Next up is always my father. I've never met anyone quite so proud of his children's academic accomplishments. Since my first year in college, he's been asking for UVA gear to show off. When my brothers set off to college a few years later and I started grad school, the tradition continued so that now, his closet is filled with a mix of UVA, Georgetown, Brown, Elon and Bishops University gear. 

Shopping for everyone else has always been a bit of a last minute struggle so last year, I decided to go homemade. I tried a few different jar sauces but in the end, my go-to gift was bourbon salted caramel sauce. Yum right?

It felt boring to give everyone the same present a year later so I’ve scoured the internet for promising looking baking mixes and sauces. 

After sifting through endless Pinterest and Foodgawker options, I pulled together my six top picks.

What are your favorite jar mixes?