Basil Lemon Bars (Instead of Packing)

I’ve been cooking with basil a lot lately so bear with me on this one before I move on to obsess over another flavor in the weeks to come.

I had some basil leaves left over from my sweet pine nut basil bites so I figured I might as well throw them into the shortbread base on the lemon bars I made for a cookout a few weeks ago. Let me just say I am so so glad I decided to do that.

While amazingly delicious, these are probably best not served outdoors when it is especially windy. The wind hit these before anyone at the cookout had the chance to grab one off the plate and everyone in the vicinity got covered in powdered sugar.

I’m heading to Providence this weekend to see my youngest brother graduate college so I’ve been a bit frazzled all week trying to get ready for the trip and wrap up the last few assignments for my chocolate class. That’s why I’m pulling out this oldie but goodie that I tried out for ‘research’ a few weeks ago. Because I’d so rather write this than pack. Although there’s a lot I’d rather do than pack.

I love trying other bakers' recipes because I often learn new skills but also get to learn more about other people’s mindsets and processes in baking. For someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of professional food training (I’m being pretty liberal here with my calling Craftsy classes professional), trying out other people’s recipes is a must!  

Find the full recipe for the lemon bars on Joy the Baker’s blog. For the basil version, just mix 2 tablespoons of chopped basil into the sugar for the crust before starting out.