Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

I don’t often find baked donuts that I truly crave. Try as I might, I constantly find myself opting for deep fried doughy goodness. The world celebrated National Donut Day earlier this month and I am embarrassed to say that I opted for buying donuts rather than making my own. In my defense, I was traveling so buying a dozen donuts from Léché Desserts felt a lot easier than the alternative. Now that I’m back in Virginia however, I can use this blog as an excuse to make donuts year-round.

I stumbled upon this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction last weekend and it changed everything I thought I knew about baked donuts. After making these cinnamon sugar donuts for myself, I knew I had to share the recipe here because they were so delicious.

Of all the donut recipes I’ve tried in the past year, these were by far my favorite. Doughy but not sticky, these cinnamon sugar donuts are the perfect afternoon snack. Best past? The crunchy cinnamon sugar coating was a nice textural contrast to the soft donut interior. If you want to prevent the crunchy exterior from getting soggy, make sure to only roll the donuts in the topping when you are ready to serve them.

As a note, this recipe calls for buttermilk but I used plain almond milk instead. Buttermilk adds a certain tang to baked goods and while I enjoy it at times, more often than not I find it overpowering.

Full recipe is available here