A Pineapple a Day

There is something truly relaxing about being on vacation in one's favorite place. Throw in some sunshine, golf, family time and needlepoint and you’ve achieved perfection.

Last weekend, I took a three day weekend and hopped on a plane to visit my parents. Because we live on opposite ends of the world for much of the year, spending quality time with them is always a treat.

The Maine coastline

The Maine coastline

As I usually do when I go anywhere, I brought my needlepoint with me to Maine and set some lofty goals for my desired progress. I’m in the final stretch of my pineapple belt and I’ve got a big pile of projects waiting to get started on, so I knew I had to buckle down and pick up the pace. Luckily for me, my parents house has one of my favorite spots to needlepoint so I quickly spread out my gear and claimed my corner of the living room back.

Pineapple belt

While I didn’t get as much stitching done as I would have liked, my time wasn’t wasted. The end is in sight on the pineapple belt and I’ve been inspired by the assortment of stitches that Virginia (from Stitch Style Blog) used on her birds in Party in the Coop to finally make some headway on No-Name Chicken. Unless I get distracted by yet another belt project of course.

Flowers by couch

My return from my mini vacation signals the end of summer, which always makes me a little bit sad, but fall has me excited for so many reasons:

  • Cozy nights in stitching under a blanket with hot chocolate within arm’s reach
  • Fall sweaters
  • Did I mention the hot chocolate?
  • Thanksgiving
  • Pumpkin everything

This post was a bit of a ramble but everyone needs a good ramble from time to time. Besides, how else was I going to find a reason to post the assortment of random photos from my weekend testing out my new camera?

Camera shot