5 Chocolate Truffles to Make This Week

I’ve had a HUGE chocolate craving all weekend. Anyone else? Of course a deep dive into my chocolate archives did nothing to calm this craving so while I planned out my week of chocolate truffle recipes I thought I’d share my favorites with you!

Ready to get really hungry? Read on.

Monday: Avocado Chocolate Truffles

I know what you’re thinking: “Charlotte, I’m not putting vegetables in my chocolate”. Save that judgement for the next time you see someone trying to pull of leggings as pants because these are truly amazing.

If your weekend is anything like mine was, you need to start your week off on a healthy food. Avocados are super creamy, the perfect veggie alternative to heavy cream in these truffles. The chocolate coating helps hold them together and add a final sweet touch.

Tuesday: Spicy Chocolate Truffles

Stop your week from dragging with a spicy chocolate pick-me-up. The only thing more exciting than a dark chocolate truffle is a spicy one. This recipe is from nearly two years ago and was one of the first ones I published. Even so, I wouldn’t change a thing. Sometimes I tweak recipes, sometimes I love them just the way they are.

Wednesday: London Fog Truffles

I hardly let a hump day go by without some kind of a treat. When work is crazy busy and I can’t make it too far from my desk, the Starbucks in the lobby of my building is often as far as I make it. I’m getting a little too familiar with the baristas but I’m looking at it as a positive. Some people have a local neighborhood bar, I have a convenient Starbucks. Basically the same, right?

Thursday: The Easiest Chocolate S’more Truffles

You almost made it to Friday! I think that deserves an extra special treat. Is there anything more special than s’mores? My favorite part of these s’mores is the mini marshmallow tucked away in the middle of each truffle. Gooey center, rich chocolate truffle and a crunchy graham cracker topping come together in heavenly little balls of chocolate.

Friday: Boozy White Chocolate Truffles

TGIF. Am I right? These boozy white chocolate truffles are the perfect way to start your weekend. They are super creamy with just the right amount of booze to flavor each delicate chocolate bite.

If you made it to Friday and followed my truffle ‘meal plan’, bravo. Now go find your friends to share the leftovers with!