10 Wedding Registry Items I Can’t Wait to Receive

When Colin and I got engaged, we started getting a lot of questions about the wedding. Where will you be having it? Have you set a date? Who’s in your wedding party? Are you giving me a date to your wedding? What flowers do you want?

Some of these we were prepared for, some, less so. We knew questions about our registry were bound to arise at some point in the process so we wasted no time in going out to at least see what our options were. After an hour of walking around West Elm planning our future lives together and scanning everything from furniture to candles, we were hooked on registering.

I won’t give you my tips on how to fill out the perfect registry (I’ll save that for another time) or tell you one store is better than another but I did find that each store had its own perks. For example, Crate and Barrel gives you two free stemless wine glasses as a ‘thank you’ for registering. Cheers to that. On a more practical level, William Sonoma gives you a super comprehensive registry checklist that we ended up using across all the stores we had registered at to keep track of what we had added to our list. You’d be surprised by how easy it is to accidentally register for 3 different coffee machines.

A few thoughts on this list of products. These aren’t the priciest items on the registry or the most difficult to acquire. I could realistically go out and buy myself these items but where’s the fun in that? As soon as we registered, I decided I wouldn’t buy any more kitchen/household items. If something came up that I felt I desperately needed (isn’t there always something?) I would simply register for it and drop hints to my friends.

  1. Sodastream Power Source Carbonator, Black I’ve recently started loving fizzy water so I can’t wait to start making my own at home!
  2. Bleecker Bar Tray How gorgeous is this tray? Our apartment is full of gold accents so I can’t wait to add more.
  3. Williams Sonoma Touchless Tare High-Capacity Glass Scale My parents have this scale and from the first time I tried it out I knew I wanted one of my own. Then I completely forgot about it, until I stumbled upon it in Williams Sonoma!
  4. Coupe Cocktail Glasses Colin isn’t convinced that we need these but I’m obsessed. Sometimes there’s no logic to why we love something but I fell in love with the vintage feel of these glasses.
  5.  Wüsthof Classic 20-Piece Knife Block Set Nothing beats a good set of knives. Period.
  6. Savannah Divided Hamper I’m not sure why but the idea of
  7. Cookie Dough Scoop Every cookie comes out exactly the same size. Every time. I’m not sure why I don’t have one of these considering I have about half a dozen ice cream scoops.
  8. Faux Fur Chevron Throw, Stone White This one is partially for me, but also partially for Onyx.
  9. Collector's Editions Salad Plates Speaking of Onyx. Cat!
  10. Indigo Ceramic Vases Blue and white are two of my favorite color combinations so everything about these mix and match vases makes me smile.

Engagement photos by Alicia Lacey Photography